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Verify Screening Solutions successfully keeps property managers, homeowner’s associations and landlords confident and secure using Tazworks’ Instascreen, the leading screening platform integrated with numerous national databases and national court records.

We can customize and tailor our services depending on your requirements:
Adverse action letters (Denial Letters) are built into our system so your managers can comply with the FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act).
Our background reports are FCRA compliant and our staff is FCRA certified.
In addition, we developed an affordable International Screening Service that allows our clients access to International Screening Services in 200+ Countries & Territories.

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Tenant Screening

Ensure peace of mind with our comprehensive tenant screening services. Click here to dive into detailed credit reports and background checks, making your next leasing decision with confidence.

Employment Screening

Secure your company’s future by choosing the right team. Visit our employee screening page for in-depth credit and background checks, empowering you to make informed hiring decisions.

Background Checks

Gain insights and ensure safety with just a click. Explore our background check services for thorough investigations into personal and professional histories, enabling trust and transparency in all your interactions.

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Choose Verify Screening Solutions for unparalleled accuracy and reliability in your background checks. Our commitment to excellence ensures every report is detailed, accurate, and tailored to meet your unique needs.

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Industry leading background investigation software.
80+ years of investigative experience in background, compliance and fraud investigations with private and government institutions
Backed by a E&O Policy and Cyber Security Insurance.
Reviews From Our Happy Clients

I use Verify Screening Solutions to screen my new employees.  When I got the results back on my first applicant, the background report uncovered that the applicant … had sued his last three employers…Your service paid off from day one… Thank You Verify Screening Solutions!

Nancy Davis
Aero Steel Inc. – Chicago, IL